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Okon joined the organization as anadministrative and project manager. However, due to organizational expansion, he now functions as the Commercial/Logistics and Admin Manager. He is responsible for international trade, inbound and outbound logistics, warehousing and the company’s administrative functions.

Okon has a background in Computer Engineering. He has a B-Eng in Computer Engineering from University of Uyo, Akwaibom state, Nigeria. He is an Information Technology Professional with specialization in a wide variety of Engineering, Networking and Innovation.

He is a multitalented in a variety of different ICT Technology, he is self-motivatingand a goal getter. He continues to enhance his multi-plural functions with diligence and profound capacities. He demonstrates industry knowledge, powerful negotiation skills, excellent analytical and communication skills, strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

He is currently undergoing global certification on PMP and CCNA

His professional career spans 7 years’ experience in Information Technology as an IT Support Officer, 3 years in Telecommunication as a Project Manager.He has had technical roles in Trio systems service Nig. Ltd, Huawei Technology, Whecany Limited and Eptech power control systems.

Okon is well organized, with immense willingness to learn and deliver on deadlines. He deploys great team player skills in working with the Company’s international teams.