Mr.Tariq Amro

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Amro is an upwardly mobile Jordanian entrepreneur. His is from a family of automotive and farming entrepreneurs.

Amrohad a lucrative background, he spent his early years working alongside his family in the farming industry in Jordan. During his working career in Jordan, he took up leadership roles in the organization thatspanned through commercial and international trade, greenhouse specialization, farmers management, etc.

He also served in Amro Armored cars. A Jordanian Company that suppliedArmored specialist vehicles to Africa and other parts of the world. Amro was the Chief Client Officer and always interfaced with international clients, he solved many client needs around the world.

Amro’s passion for farming is superlative, he resigned from Amro Armored to support the growth of Farmafrik. He brings on board his vast knowledge of the greenhouse methodology farming industry which has contributed to the growth of the company.